Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Trip to Logan

I know I know I know. I'm sure you are all saying I don't even want to look at Aubre's Blog it has been the same for 3 months so here is to all of you that want something new. I really do like to Blog it just never feels like I have time. I am only able to Blog today day because I am home sick some how all of us are a little under the weather.

Enough about that we just got home from a weekend trip up to Logan we had so much fun we played some golf went to the Utah game where we beat the Aggies 58 to 10 and did some swimming. It was nice and relaxing Camden was really good at the game only because we had a lot of room for her to walk around. She was also good when we went golfing she really liked to walk out on the putting green and play with the golf balls. She also enjoyed riding in the cart.

I forgot my swimsuit so I just had to watch while Camden and Dad had fun in the pool.

Please enjoy this post because you may not see another one for awhile.


p-boi said...

Welcome back to the blogger world! She's alive! {giggle} The pic of Camden at the pool doesn't even look like her! She's getting so big and her hair is getting really long! I love the pic of her at the Utah game...just wait until she's 7 and all she says is "is it time to go home yet?" {Sean was a pain 2 games ago} Happy late birthday! Hope you liked the gift...I thought of you immediately when I saw it!

Katy said...

Holy cow, it's a miracle, you've made a new post, YAY!! Cute pictures! I LOVE her with the long bangs. Keep up the good work on the blog!

Isaac and Lyndee said...

So cute! Now it is time for another one! I am just saying that since we are having another one and I want you to share in our headaches...I mean joy!.